My dream as an actor

It has been a long while since I last blogged about anything. Tomorrow I have a 2nd interview with a talent agency called New View Models. I have been in two movies as an extra. The movies are called Mercy starring Ellen Page and UFO starring Gillian Anderson. I had fun working on those movies and I liked the fact that I earned some experience.

I hope and pray that I get an agent to book me on movies and or commercials. I’m blessed that I have talent and I do see this now. I been told by many people that I’m good at what I do, I just didn’t have enough confidence in myself. When you think positive things will work in your favor and when you think negative things will not work in your favor. I just thank God that I’m progressing so well. I’m doing great in college. I go to Chatfield College taking Liberal Arts. My major will help at what I want to do with acting. I just think God and those who are supporting me.

I finally landed a career in Marketing

Hey guys,

I finally got a career in marketing. All it took was a phone call to an ad I found on Craigslist. It’s legit and its walking distance from my house.

I will work in Home Depot asking customers to participate in a survey, about a water filteration they’ve purchased or plan to purchase. The pay is good, so I’m just happy to finally find something I went to school for. 😀

My thoughts here lately…

As I’m in my bedroom alone lying in bed, the heat blaring through my eardrums. I lay back and wonder what will my future hold? I’ve been told that I’m good at what I do. Question is am I? Answer is yes I’m great at what I do. I have so much potential that it seriously can be very overwhelming at times. I’m a recent graduate with a excellent GPA of 3.37, obtained an award and diploma from Ohio Center for Broadcasting and I’m still anxious with pure anxiety about taking the next step into the broadcasting industry.

I love my supporters but I know their are some people that are jealous, sometimes you can feel it in your bones. Call me crazy but it’s true. I’m interested in stand up comedy and acting heck even podcasting. So much to do in life it can move fast and can be easily missed. The demonic spirits clutter around me because they hate to see a good warrior like me do good. I have been less angry, I’m actually smiling more than ever since I was young. It feels pretty darn good. I love my real friends and family.

Take care and God bless.

Estacia Simpson

Since graduation

Hello followers, since graduating from Ohio Center for Broadcasting. I have been more consistent in applying and hoping to find a job. It’s not easy believe me but I’m not giving up. I worked hard to make it this far by completing and receiving a award. I’m telling anyone hard work pays off even though it’s not much.

Right now I’m in jury duty, just sitting here waiting to get my name called or sent home, and then work later this evening.

Have a blessed day everyone.

Estacia Simpson

How To…

How to tailgate at the Bengals game…

1. Send an invite on your social media profile (Facebook)

2.  Buy tons of chips, beer, burgers, hotdogs

3. wear a crazy bengals outfit or just your jersey

4.Scream Who Dey loud and clear

5.Play cornhole

6.Have lots of fun and take pictures of the event