Would you like to live a stress-free life?

Everyone in life has dealt with stress whether they want to admit that or not. A hectic day at work or school can cause a person to take stress to a whole another level. When a person lose touch with whats going on around them they become disturbed mentally. Lack of proper relationships with peers or family can be both stressful and leads to frustration and built up stress. Your mind desires and feels, the intellect reasons, judges and decides. Stress is a mental agitation caused by unfulfilled desires. The fundamental requirement for a stress-free life is to develop a strong intellect and control desires. Intellects are developed by individual effort through exercising one’s faculty of questioning and reasoning. Lack of intellect in development can cause people to fail and understand that every human being is distinct and different from another that each is governed by his or her own singular nature. We should assess the nature of each human being individually and not label everybody as the same.

How can you expect a hysterical boss to act accordingly in a calm and composed manner at an office? How can you expect an annoying nagging wife to be understanding and accommodating at home? How can you expect bubbling teens to be mature and objective.

If you fail to assess their own characters individually you find them all faulty in their behavior. You attribute these “faults” to those who express their inner nature. You expect the impossible

Exercising and eating healthy can reduce stress, talking out the issue in a healthy way can also help reduce stressful thoughts.


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