Top 5 List

My top 5 list of things I want to accomplish.

1. Finish any work that needs to be completed before the big day.

2.Look for a job in my career.

3. Help others that are interested in Broadcasting.

4. Study techniques in sports broadcasting.

5. Continue to work on celebrity and cartoon voice impressions.


Almost close to graduation

In September will be the month when I get my diploma from Ohio Center for Broadcasting. It will not only look for a job but have a career. I thought about staying in Cincinnati for a few more years and then eventually move to Nashville, Tennessee. Only time will tell what will truly happen. I wish my classmates all the best in their career field

Keep on pushing

Well Taco Bell didn’t work out for me but I’m looking for another job and not giving up. In less than 3 months I will graduate from OCB. I have a lot of confidence more than ever. This is going to be an eye opening experience, because its more than a job its a career. My radio dreams will arrive very soon. Thanks to all my family, friends and school staff.

Feels so good

It feels so good I must say to have a job.Haven’t worked in almost two years and I will admit, I was miserable. My boss is cool. Anyway thinking up ideas for my news package tomorrow for our 30 minute newscast project.

Just celebrated my 29th birthday

Hey all today I celebrated my 29th birthday! Had an amazing time with family and friends, I’m just truly best to see another year despite what I have been through. I was happy when my mom said I came a long way, that meant a lot to me. Yes my mother and I have our up and downs but no matter what she has always been their for me. I can’t wait to graduate I’m going to work my behind off to make sure I better myself as student and gain a job in the industry,

Today and tomorrow

Today I took a personal day off from school to get rest. Yesterday was slightly rough but I got through with it.I have been lacking on sleep for about a couple weeks and I felt burnt out. Sometimes that happens to the best of us as long as we catch it in time.

Tomorrow will start 3rd Quarter, last quarter and my time at OCB, I do need to catch up on classwork but I’m doing better than I thought. I’m known to overthink at times. So now its the nitty gritty and get on to working harder and harder.

The world is yours so learn to live

Everyday is something new whether it looks the same or not,one day you can be a radio host for example and the next you can be a baseball player. The point I’m trying to make is that you can be anything you want to be. You are your own boss that controls your own life nobody else. People’s opinions really shouldn’t matter but it all depends on how you take it. I will admit sometimes people can strike a nerve but after a while they mean nothing to me opinion wise.

If you try to live everyone elses life, you will never know how to live yours. A career is a choice and you can change it however you want, people do this all the time. Hopefully people will wake up and realize everything is not handed down to you, you are amongst yourselves but its always good to have support.